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My Global Promo began as a dream by Sanjay S. Srinivasan. From our humble beginnings in Orlando, Florida we have managed to grow into an internationally known, multimillion-dollar corporation. We specialize in corporate identity, brand recognition and creating a merchandise platform to be sold or given away. Our client base is comprised of small, midsized and large corporations, attractions, theme parks, chain stores, resorts, and restaurants. Our goal is to constantly develop new products, because the trend demands are always changing. It is pertinent in our business to have a great quality product with service at the best price. We pride ourselves on the best service available in the industry. Our customers have the advantage of buying the trendiest merchandise available on the market. It is essential to have a different look with a hint of originality in our products. We also spend countless hours in designing and manufacturing our own designs. We work with our customers to build a platform to cater to their promotional needs. We feel that by being a concierge service we can tailor various merchandise to cater to our clients needs. We also get market and product feedback from our existing customers so we utilize that to benefit all of our future customers. We have developed an extremely experienced sales force to assist our customers in bringing the best products to their stores, in a timely manner. Our valued customers and our dedicated employees have turned dreams into reality. A special thank you goes to those of you who supported us in the beginning and continue to support us into the future. Our commitment to all of you is that we will never lose sight of our original goals. We will remain dedicated to offering new quality products and fast turnaround time, with an emphasis on service and a fair price. As always we truly appreciate, and are honored by your business. Call us Toll Free: (866) 552-9726 if you need assistance or have questions.