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BeenBranded is a full service custom apparel, accessory and promotional item provider. We are a DCbased minority owned and operated business. BeenBranded can produce embroidered, printed and ""blinged out"" apparel and accessories. This is an owner-operated business, so I take pride in working closely with my clients to ensure their complete satisfaction. With in-house design capabilities, I provide affordable, high quality service to meet your branding needs. Whether you need 1 or 1000, BeenBranded can deliver. I have produced custom apparel and accessories for teams, birthday parties, events, churches, fundraisers and even just for fun.That being said, I am one of many who have BeenBranded by life.I represent my brand in so many ways.As an entrepreneur, I carry my embroidered BeenBranded professional tote everywhere I go. I represent my business and my brand, wearing my custom BeenBranded? t-shirt, so I can take my brand on the move with me. I walk in the streets with it and I want to be noticed in the business settings I visit as well as the other places I casually frequent. Why should I wear someone else's name on my chest,I've Been Branded, so I want you to know itTo my Sorors and all the greek ladies out there, everyone knows who's on the yard when I walk down the street, proudly wearing my colors. I've been through a lot with my sisters. We have a bond that will stand the test of time. So, my gear is never off the rack and I always have unique custom Greek apparel that stands out in the crowd.I have Been Branded by this experience and will be devoted for all time.As a mom, I rock my Woodridge Warriors gear as I cheer my son on at football, baseball and basketball games. Some days it is my ""blinged out"" basketball mom t-shirt or my Warrior Mom tote or even my Warrior embroidered fleece blanket. There is never a doubt who I am rooting for. In this case, I've Been Branded, been spit up on, been cried on and I ve also been kissed on, been hugged on and been loved on.You better believe I am representing this brand. I earned it....and most importantly, as a child of GOD, though you might see it in my smile and demeanor, I have to be a bit more direct about how deeply I have Been Branded. So my t-shirt declares that I am ""Property of Jesus"". I even have a ""blinged out"" t-shirt that says Child of God. I've produced ""My GOD is yummy"" t-shirts for my friend's ministry and other faith messages for churches and ministries from New York to Florida. I don't care if it is popular or PC, this is one brand I can never deny.Being branded is a lifelong process, so represent with pride what makes you, You.I have Been Branded and I know you have too.