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Massachusetts Correctional Industries is a Division of the Department of Correction, which employs offenders in the Massachusetts Correctional system to produce goods and services. Our laborers work in skilled, paid jobs in factory settings under the supervision of DOC personnel experienced in the trades. Work is performed in numerous institutions throughout the system. These jobs help prepare the offender for reentry back into the community. MassCor offers state-of-the-art screen printing with excellent customer service and amazing values. We've built a reputation for honesty and quality by always making sure you are more than happy with the work we do. MassCor imprints graphics on a wide array of apparel and accessories, including tee-shirts, polos, duffle bags and more. And we're happy to work with any organization or individual, no matter how small or large the order. So take a browse around our site to pick out your perfect item. Then I hope you'll let us show you the superb quality and customer service we're known for. Thanks for visiting MassCor Industries!