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Located in Houma, Louisiana near the gulf coast, we're a family owned and operated business. We can provide both the attention that only a small business can offer you, along with large purchasing power that only big business can offer. Our business is growing, and as we see the need for or the ability to add new services and equipment, we are adding it to our shop to serve you better. D & D Specialties opened the doors on July 1, 2007. We started out with a 8 color Hopkins manual press and a 24"" dryer. Since then we have added a 6 color automatic multiprinter for large volume orders. With adding the multiprinter, we added a 48"" dryer. We now have capabilities of printing large orders in a short period of time. We have also added 3 more manual presses and 2 more dryers to handle orders faster, and giving a faster turn around time. We have also added a 4 color cap printing press. We now have capabilities of printing directly on caps. Added in March of 2010, we are now offering trophies and awards. As of April of 2010, we are now doing in house embroidery.