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There are things that we all want to know when we place an order with a service provider. Are they qualified to deliver the service in the quality that we expect? Good workmanship, on time delivery, fair prices. Hi, I'm Lee Underwood. (Founder of Graphic-Lee Speaking the parent company of LT’s) And, those are the promises that I make to all my clients. I have a very strong background in printing. Having 45 years in printing, letter press, lithography, silk screening and educated in Computer Operations. I have delivered many high quality products with computer generated artwork. I love my work and that is the foundation I built the quality of service I provide. I personally follow each job from beginning to end to be sure the standard meet the quality that my clients and I expect. I am very happy to say the foundation I've built in my business has left me with clients that are more than pleased and are mostly returned customers. A little about my history: As a child I always attended art schools and as a man working as a printer. I witness many changes in the world and the change that affected me the most was the relaying of information (the development of the user friendly computer). As the changes took place I found the need to re-educate myself, so I enrolled in Programming Software Institute (PSI Institute). I completed my course in 1992 with a diploma in Computer Operations with a Grade Point Average of 3.97. Staring down the barrel of a high tech world I was pleased to find, I had an aptitude for computer work. My thirst for knowledge and love for the Graphic Arts led me to Web Site Development and Computer Graphic. As time went by I gained my Certification in Windows through Brain Bench.Com.