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HOW WE BEGAN The Doves Nest Screen Printing began by seeking God through prayer; our founder Chester Sampson laid before God and screen printing was birthed in his spirit. This burning desire to be a business owner was with him even as a child. The strange thing about pursuing screen printing as a business was, he had no idea how ink was placed on t-shirts! In 1992, Chester Sampson founded The Doves Nest Screen Printing, with a dream of building a profitable business that wouldn't take him away from his family, his church activities, and a business where God would be glorified. While working as a firefighter Chester continued to establish the Dove's Nest out of a 12 x 24 barn in his backyard with no electricity, after pulling a 24 hour shift. At the time our founder didn't have access to a computer. To develop his screens he utilized various methods such as; scratch on letters, different clip arts, and local print shops to make copies on acetate. Thank God for growth; we now have upgraded equipment, a graphics department and in house copiers. We have served hundreds of customers since the early days and we pride ourselves in Doing Business God's Way.